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Raised $1.33B to date in 6 equity; last round, Series F, was in Aug 2021 for $410Mraising the post valuation to $10B; key investors include Soul Ventures, Hanfield Venture Partners, Old Well Partners, Fifth Down Capital, Catamaran Ventures, Karl T. Ulrich, Smash Ventures, Trinity West Ventures, Bienville Capital, Nucleus Adventure Capital, Newman Capital, Litani Ventures, Khaira Capital, and AlleyCorp, among others [Reddit is back on the list after its IPO was postponed but remains a strong candidate as and when market conditions improve]

Operator of a social network platform designed for people to dive into anything through experiences built around their interests, hobbies, and passions; the company's platform allows users to submit, vote, and comment on content, stories, and discussions about the topics in communities organized around their interests, enabling users to post content as well as remark and vote on the content posted by others