Celestial AI

Celestial AI


Celestial AI is the creator of the Photonic Fabric™ technology platform. The explosive growth in AI model size is driving the need for a step function increase in memory bandwidth and capacity at low latencies. Celestial AI has been collaborating with some of the largest hyperscalers to develop a deep understanding of compute, memory, and network system infrastructure chokepoints.

The Photonic Fabric is the only industry solution with the ability to shatter the “Memory Wall” and deliver data directly to the point of compute, while supporting current HBM3E and next generation HBM4 bandwidth and latency requirements at very low single digit pJ/bit power. The Photonic Fabric-based compute fabric enables terabyte class bandwidth between compute nodes at low latency and power. Photonic Fabric delivers a transformative leap in AI system performance, ten years more advanced than existing technologies. To accelerate customer adoption of the memory and compute fabric, Celestial AI is cultivating a Photonic Fabric ecosystem. These tier-1 partnerships consist of custom silicon/A