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Cybersecurity company that detects and mitigates cyber threats.

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BlueVoyant is an endpoint cybersecurity provider, protecting organizations from threats to infrastructure, applications, and data. 700+ enterprise and government customers across 30+ countries and 16+ verticals have adopted BlueVoyant’s cloud-native cybersecurity solution to defend against threats both within and outside their organizations. 

Annual damage from cyber-attacks is projected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025–up 4x from 2015–and the $150 billion endpoint security market is just 7.5% penetrated, according to McKinsey. With a differentiated end-to-end cybersecurity solution, in-place partnerships with Microsoft and Splunk, and a management team headed by Jim Rosenthal, former COO at Morgan Stanley, BlueVoyant is well-positioned to become a formidable player in this massive, rapidly growing market.

Backed by 8VC and Steve Mnuchin’s Liberty Capital, BlueVoyant completed its $260 million Series D in February 2022. In November 2023 BlueVoyant raised more than $140 million in Series E funding to accompany the acquisition of Conquest Cyber. The additional funding was led by existing investors, Liberty Strategic Capital, a private equity firm, and ISTARI, Eden Global Capital Partners, and Manhattan Venture Partners.

Since initially engaging in the secondary transaction, we have cultivated a strong relationship with management. Thus, when the company decided to raise a new convertible note to finance the accretive acquisition of Conquest Cyber, a highly complementary cybersecurity platform enabling BlueVoyant to broaden its product suite and accelerate public sector penetration, we were invited to participate. We elected to participate in the note offering, demonstrating the flexibility of the MVP platform in building a position through both primary and secondary opportunities

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