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A defense technology leader providing Radio Frequency (RF) data analytics.

In Portfolio

HawkEye 360 is a data analytics platform that identifies, processes, and geolocates radio frequency (“RF”) signals collected from their own satellite constellation. Hawkeye processes raw signals into structured data and leverages AI-driven analytics to generate intelligence solutions for US and allied governments for maritime, defense, environmental protection and emergency response applications. These solutions enable customers to improve their situational awareness and decision-making by detecting previously unknown threats and integrating seamlessly with other forms of intelligence and workflows.

Hawkeye has established itself as a premier RF intelligence solutions provider with its scaled satellite constellation (21 satellites in orbit currently) and differentiated coverage of a broad spectrum of signals. As a result, it is well-positioned to penetrate the Signals Intelligence (“SINT”) market, which is expected to reach $20 billion by 2027 as governments continue to invest in building an intelligence advantage amid escalating geopolitical conflict and increasing the effectiveness of SINT solutions due to the proliferation of IoT devices and data.

Backed by blue-chip financial investors like BlackRock and Insight Partners, highly respected safety and security investor Nightragon, as well as value-added strategic investors like Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Airbus, and Sumitomo, Hawkeye recently raised ~$68 million in a Series D-1 financing.

Subsequent to our investment in the round’s first close in July, Lockheed Martin led a second close in September. Given the potential for Hawkeye to leverage Lockheed’s expertise and connections to accelerate product development and commercialization in a formal strategic partnership, coupled with strong execution on its pipeline, we decided to participate and add to our position. You can learn more about the partnership and funding round here.

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