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Intelligent safety platform that links life-saving data from connected devices with 911 and first responders

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RapidSOS is an emergency response data platform. The company links critical real-time data and contextual information from 500+ million devices to 15,000+ first responder agencies, touching over 1 million first responders. Their software integrates with IoT sensors and connected devices such as the iPhone and Android iOS, covering 97% of the US population. In 2022, RapidSOS managed 165 million emergencies. 

By enabling up to a 30-minute faster response and leveraging 1,000x+ more data, RapidSOS is disrupting the voice-based analog emergency response system, and has the potential to gain share in a ~$2.5 trillion addressable market by augmenting or replacing existing safety and security solutions. Leading technology companies looking to enhance their product offerings with innovative security features–including Apple, Google, Amazon, Instacart, Microsoft and Uber–have already adopted RapidSOS’s solution, while the company’s rapidly-growing repository of medical data positions it to provide immense value to the healthcare and insurance industries over the long term. The company enjoys a close relationship with Apple, which relies on RapidSOS for their EmergencySOS service. This technology, and their integration into roadside assistance with AAA, was featured at the recent Apple Keynote event, which you can view here starting at minute 48. 

Backed by Insight Partners and strategic partners such as Honeywell and Microsoft, RapidSOS completed its Series C-1 financing in August 2022.

The company recently added ~$60 million of capital in a BlackRock-led Series C-2 extension, which is expected to help fuel expansion of its sales team and extend the company’s runway.

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