Jared Carmel

Managing Partner & General Partner

Jared is a pioneer in developing and institutionalizing the secondary market for venture-backed technology companies. Since 2010 Jared has been advising pre-IPO company shareholders with their liquidity and diversification needs while simultaneously providing investors access to well-capitalized, disruptive, venture-backed companies.

Over the last twenty years, Jared has worked on various entrepreneurial engagements, including co-founding a venture-backed fintech company called citizen.vc, a platform attempting to democratize venture capital where Jared drove product strategy and investment execution. From graduation through fintech start-up entrepreneur, Jared worked in venture capital, private equity, and public equity. Most recently he was the Director of Secondary Markets for G Squared, a growth stage venture capital firm. Jared developed and built G Squared’s secondary market investment practice, where he helped structure and launch G Squared I, where he arranged, selected and advised on most of the investments made by the fund.

Some of Jared’s historic assignments included early and late-stage venture capital, private investment in public equity, SPACs, M&A projects, and secondary direct stock offerings. The aforementioned has led to extensive experience in investment banking, business operations, and board work.