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Helps organizations make smart decisions as they analyze the investments that will transform IT

In Portfolio

We offer a variety of IT enterprise solutions, including:
- Apptio IT Financial Management Foundation automates and accelerates IT planning and variance analysis, fostering greater accountability, increased plan accuracy, and the agility to free up budget to fund other initiatives.
- Apptio Cloudability automates ingestion and aggregation of AWS, Azure, and GCP detailed billing into a single cost system.
- Apptio Hybrid Business Management gives IT leaders a single pane of glass to understand, manage and optimize multi-cloud and on-premises infrastructure spend, and accelerate cloud migration.
- Apptio Cost Transparency automates analysis of your available IT cost data so you can quickly uncover insights to drive business value.
- Apptio Bill of IT delivers a monthly bill to business consumers that is predictable, trustworthy, and communicates IT costs in the language the business understands.

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