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IPSecure is a groundbreaking Buy Box Brand Protection solution designed for Amazon agencies and brands

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IPSecure is Buy Box Brand Protection for Amazon Agencies and Brands. After 20+ years of building brand protection solutions for the world’s largest brands, the team at IPSecure has reinvented IP protection and channel management on Amazon into the fuel that is driving massive revenue growth for their customers. Deployable in minutes, and purpose-built to boost Amazon sales, IPSecure protects valuable IP and turns channel management into a revenue growth driver. Private-label technology means Agencies, Aggregators, and brand owners manage, control, and monetize their own customizable solutions. Actionable intelligence and hourly Buy Box surveillance identify who is taking your Buy Box and how much revenue they are stealing. Rules-based seller scoring and tracking enable instant visibility into every MAP violation, brand infringement, and reseller violation with pinpoint accuracy. Launched with a few clicks, automated, turn-key seller enforcement actions are designed to boost revenue, as well as protect IP, and preserve brand health. IPSecure can increase Buy Box win rates by up to 50%, demonstrating why the company is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for exclusive sellers, brands, and agencies that want to maximize their Amazon revenue.

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