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Aumni is an investment analytics company with the most reliable data & insights for private markets

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Aumni is an investment analytics platform for private capital markets that include venture funds, family offices, university endowments and corporate venture firms. By combining the best of A.I. and human expertise, Aumni’s platform extracts and analyzes critical deal data buried in dense legal agreements. In just a few clicks, Aumni provides the most comprehensive insights related to the financial and legal position of every investment. Aumni has analyzed an unprecedented breadth and depth of private capital data representing investors with over $1 trillion in assets under management. With Aumni, investment leaders can make faster and more informed decisions in an ever-changing world.

An investor's legal, economic, and control interests fundamentally inform and influence every action that an investor can take. Aumni extracts and utilizes hundreds of data points from the underlying deal documents to track critical insights such as key investment rights, portfolio performance, and emerging investment patterns.

The Aumni platform is for forward-thinking venture investment teams that seek a solution to the challenges of unlocking and structuring the untapped expanse of data in their portfolio.


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