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We make shopping smoooth with the aim to become the world’s favorite way to shop

In Portfolio

Klarna was founded in Stockholm in 2005 with the idea to simplify buying. Today, we are one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. In 2014 we joined forces with SOFORT and formed Klarna Group, the leading European payment provider. Klarna Group has more than 1,100 employees and is active on 16 markets. We serve 25 million consumers and work with 45,000 merchants. Our goal is to become the world’s favourite way to buy.

2022 Company Highlight

Klarna is making progress toward achieving monthly profitability by Q3 2023 by cutting costs and diversifying its business mix. Specifically, it is moving beyond being just a payments company to a full-service e-commerce platform for consumers to search and discover, for influencers to create content and for retailers to promote their products. As a hub for everyday e-commerce, Klarna’s ecosystem continues to grow with 150M consumers and 459K merchants–enabling it to process $60B+ in volume over the first 9 months of 2022.

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