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Venture Bytes #81—Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Future of Food Security

The Russia-Ukraine crisis has led to a tense geopolitical conflict in Eastern Europe and a military stalemate that shows no signs of ending. Apart from causing economic turmoil, the conflict has also raised questions about the resilience of agriculture supply chains that crisscross the region. In view of this, farmers and exporters in both countries are feeling the pinch, but it is only a matter of time before the effects of this fallout cut across their borders. Colloquially referred to as Europe’s breadbasket, Ukraine has the largest area of arable land in Europe. According to Bloomberg, when considering the exports of Ukraine and Russia combined, they account for more than 25% of the global wheat and 20% of the corn trade.

Mar 14

Venture Bytes #79—Game On, Says Microsoft

While it is difficult to get an idea of how Activision Blizzard will be managed once inside Microsoft’s fold, there is a great possibility of Microsoft moving Activision Blizzard to its Azure platform considering the surge in cloud gaming. Apart from reducing cost, such transition is also expected to improve the gaming experience by bringing down latency as Activision games will be played on Xbox servers. Once the deal is through, Microsoft is also expected to rework Activision’s cloud deal it signed with Google in 2020.

Jan 21

Venture Bytes #78—Spotlight Turns to 2022

2021 has been a strong year for private companies in the US, powered by strong demand and a brisk economic recovery. Record capital inflows were complemented by an equally strong IPO activity. While $240 billion went to a flourishing ecosystem of start-ups and late-stage private companies, public market exits surpassed the IPO deals in 2020, registering a growth of 86.3%, per PitchBook and FactSet data. Accordingly, public listings in the US including IPOs, direct listing, and SPACs surged past a record $1 trillion in 2021. Companies that went public benefitted from positive market sentiments due to federal support, which helped mitigate the pandemic-

Dec 14

Venture Bytes #77—Metaverse – The Next Evolutionary Technology Frontier

Metaverse lies at the intersection of technology and the deep human desire to see its imagination manifest, hence its appeal is universal. Accordingly, similar to how web 2.0 spawned new industries and real-time peer-to-peer exchange platforms - exemplified by the Ubers and Airbnbs – the metaverse will unlock new opportunities hitherto unimagined.

Nov 12

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